Caffè Oddone’s history was born far away when, at the beginning of the 1800s, the family Oddone developed a true passion for this new kind of beverage, almost unknown at the time, whose raw material had distant origins, unknown, nearly mysterious.

Passion for coffee came to be part of the genetic heritage of the family Oddone who, from time to time finished - always more - its tasting ability, to obtain always better quality blends.
Mrs Paola has endless looked after this natural - all Italian - passion in her heart, promising herself to renew her coffee fairy tale, extending it over her circle of friends and relatives, who share the same taste for the good Italian coffee.


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The blends studied by Caffè Oddone propose true sensorial experiences, that reward a wide range of tastes, from strong to rich, from sweet to full, with a high level of sourness, always really controlled.


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Caffè Oddone would like to follow its customers through a way of knowledge about coffee as a product, revealing – thanks to its experts – all the secrets of this true art, to let everybody acquire the technical and manual knowledge to create a unique product, of extraordinary appeal.

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